Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The big trip across the pond

Last night Happiness (Helena's mother), Helena, Caitlin and I all boarded the MV Victoria to sail west to Bukoba. Needless to say, half an hour beforehand, it was a moving event to accompany the brother, sister and cousins as they trekked down the three flight high hillside stairs from their house to the waiting car. The excitement, the anxiety, the years long wait for treatment- all could be sensed among them as they said goodbyes amongst the busy Mwanza nighttime bustle.

Helena's simple joy about her new, yet scary, adventure could be sensed as she explored the large former mail boat, gazed at the floating kerosene lanterns marking fish nets, counted the stars and finally crashed into bed. There is a sense of boding anxiety however as we delicately talk about the upcoming operation. It will take months for everything to recover, not to mention the sheer bravery that an eight year old, or any age, needs to undergo the chopping up and repining of one's tibia and femur. Understandably,in the morning, when we arrived in Bukoba, Helena shook her head that she did not sleep well.

Happiness and Helena are settled in at the hospital, waiting for Friday. We feel very honored to have a small role in this big journey and are glad you too can join us. Please keep them in your prayers and enjoy some photos and video of the trip!

Here's a video of Helena on the boat.

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