Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Big Day

What a day yesterday was! Let's sum it up by saying we are very grateful that all went well and Helena is safe post surgery and Dr. Schaefer said he is very pleased with how it went. Thanks be to God and all of you for your prayers as well as the many people who have helped out along the way.

There was a major problem after surgery because one of the doctor's didn't write the prescription for pain medicine after Helena left the theater.  After Helena woke up and started crying from significant pain we scrambled to find a doctor to write the prescription and then dealt with an undermanned and inefficient pharmacy.  All in all, it took two hours for Helena to get any pain medicine after surgery on her femur and tibia.  Needless to say, all this was happening back in the ward- there is not a recovery room at Kagando Hospital.

Let's look at the day in pictures:

One last blood test before surgery.  That grimace says it all.

Caitlin's sister Meghan said that at Children's Hospital kids can check out iPads to relax with .  At Kagando, at least for  Helena and her roomate Vivian, courtesy of the Rosser's they do too!

Vivian (in the purple and white stripped sweater) is Helena's room mate at Kagando.  Vivian is a girl that our friends Frank and Karen are helping to get treatment for her club foot.  Her surgery went successfully also!

Mom and Helena get the call and wait outside the theater 

Nurse/Sister Velena was very comforting to Helena just before she went into the theater.  "Mungu yupo, na atakusaidia," she said- which means, "God is here and will help you."  

Helena eeks out a smile amongst the shivering tears thanks to the encouragement of Sister Velena

Mom (Happiness) gets a chance to visit with Helena just before going into the operating room.  As you can see the effects of the anesthesia are helping Helena to feel a little better.

Post- surgery:  Helena is wheeled back to the ward.   At this point she is still under the effects of the anesthesia.  

Happiness is relieved everything went well and comforts Helena while she waits for her to wake up.

An IV pole at Kagando Hospital.


  1. wow i'm tearing up over here. scary stuff for a little girl!

    love from san francisco,

  2. Proud of my friends... "be the change you wish to see in the world"