Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back Home!

The climb up to the house.
Aside from some mildly rough seas, we had a safe and uneventful boat trip back to Mwanza,took some more x-rays and moved Helena back up the three flights of stairs to her house. She is there now, happy again to be with her family and free from needles and any other major sources of pain.

Some of you have expressed your support for Helena and her family's journey and have asked how you can help financially. For this we are very grateful and would like to share with you a list of some of the major and minor expenses so far for your information. Any financial gift may be sent through Maryknoll Lay Missioners at mklm.org/Rossers (which will be tax deductible) or through David's personal paypal account at daverosser@spu.edu. Either way 100% of your gift will go towards expenses for Helena's operation. As well, if you would like to send cards or small gifts such as puzzles or books (she is beginning to learn a little English so basic books like "Cat in the Hat" are good) they may be sent to PO Box 5021, Mwanza, Tanzania, E.A.C. Of course we will translate any cards that you write to Helena or her family and I am sure they would cherish any encouragement you have for them.

The last steps!

Here are some of her accrued financial expenses:
The complete operation- USD 275
Transportation to Bukoba by boat and hospital by car- USD 200
Pain Medication and Antibiotics- USD 18
3 Post-Op X-Rays- USD 18
Hospital Food- USD 20

Once again, it has been heart warming to hear about all of the people touched by Helena's story. The journey is far from over, but a major step has been taken successfully. Thanks for your continued prayers as she continues to recover and prayers for at least one further surgery to come in six months.

Back home!

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