Monday, February 18, 2013

IEP's are progressing!

A rare sighting in Tanzania!  An IEP meeting run completely by Tanzanian teachers over an IEP written by them.  These IEP's are critical to delivering education that is tailored to the specific needs of each of our students.  I am very proud of these teachers who have jumped on board and feel empowered to be designing the goals and objectives for their students, in turn, driving their lesson planning.

Did you know that $15 buys an IEP for a student here in Mwanza?  In the states teachers can receive more than $100 stipend for the IEP meetings they lead.  Help show your support of the budding movement of specialized education for students with disabilities today. Go to and be sure and put Huruma Special Unit IEPs into the comments section of your donation.  You could also mail your check to: Huruma Special Unit, PO 5021, Mwanza Tanzania  E.A.C.    Karibu!

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