Saturday, October 13, 2012

Walking down stairs!

At Huruma Special Unit (David's school) we have opened up a new classroom at the Pasiansi Parish to alleviate the cost of transporting students who live far from our school in Nyasaka.  One of the hidden benefits of this classroom is the stairs right next to it are great tools for physical therapy.  A woman from the Netherlands named Esther, herself a physical therapist, suggested we use them as such when she visited on Wednesday.  Here is Yasmine, who up until now could not walk on her own, discovering how to walk down stairs with as little help as possible.  As you can see she was very happy!

Sorry, the video starts out with high contrast, but gets better contrast the further she gets down the stairs.


  1. How wonderful!! She must be so proud of herself. I couldn't see the video but thank you for sharing the story. Miss you both.

  2. Hey Alison! We miss you too! We need to have a facetime date with Piper and Mara. I think I fixed the video so idevices can see it (I assume that was your problem as I could see it on the computer but not on our ipad). You got to watch the video- she is so happy.