Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Inclusion is coming!

Mwalimu Godfrey helps Yohana get ready for the "potato sack" race as Joseph from Huruma and other kids from Pasiansi primary school look on.
David didn't do much, but he suggested one day that the kids with disabilities from Shule Huruma could play with the kids from the primary school next door during recess.  For some reason, when he started at Huruma, this wasn't happening. However, one of the teachers, Mwalimu Godfrey really got it together and organized some games and all the kids love it. Now it is a regular event that the kids without disabilities come over to play with our kids. At first they were kind of shy but David and the other teachers have been guiding them in introducing themselves and shaking hands- and with kids, that's usually about what it takes.  Oh, we have a few kinks with some of our kids; one particular little deaf boy named Yohana is still learning how to play nice, but we are making progress.  This was a huge step towards integrating kids with disabilities and kids without.  

Mwalimu Agnes jokes with some of the
kids from the primary school
For those of you who saw David's facebook birthday requests and decided to help out, thanks a ton!  Know that because of your help, soon more kids who can only get to school by bus will be able to experience something that will hopefully someday be a normal concept here; inclusion..

Check out this video of some field games Mwalimu Godfrey and Mwalimu Agnes set up with all the kids together.

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