Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lisa's Pride

Here's a pic of us at "Lisa's Pride". LP happens twice a month at Liz
Mach and Sister Marion's house near us. Kids who are HIV positive come
for an afternoon to play and get some nutritional food. They also get
reimbursed for antiretrovirals they have bought. It was called Lisa's
Pride after Sister Marion (from Long Island)'s niece died during an
operation and instead of people giving flowers and gifts at the
funeral it was asked they give money so Sister Marion could do
something good. The group is really effective at being a support to
the kids and caregivers as they struggle through this devastating

We really appreciated the special time we got to spend with these
kids. It filled us with hope and joy to see HIV positive kids playing
jump rope and running around like normal children (especially after
hearing about the stigma they receive here in Tanzania).

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